Cleveland, OH - Day 2 - 10/08/2011

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At the flight simulator

Playing the flight simulator game

In front of the Skylab 3 Apollo Capsule

Building a lunar base station

Chrissy's lunar base station

Careful not to knock it down!


Looking good!

Physical Science lab with bubbles

All kinds of objects can blow bubbles

With the Lab teacher

He's an airbender...

Which car will make it there first? Not always the closer one!

Fun with magnets

Hang gliding

Testing your reflexes


A balancing act

Another balancing act

Watching sound waves

Puffing air up

Sound wave fun

The big Mentos experiment

A big geyser

A bigger geyser!

They are scared of needles!

Testing our fear of loud noises  

Testing my fear of electric shock!

Facing the fear of falling

She liked this helmet

We all know Jim loves PI

Taking Sam for a potty break

Back to the RV

In front of the Science Center

A neat tribute we found

For the Ohio-Bound passengers of the Titanic

Alex Van Halen's drums

Cars hanging from the ceiling

Johnny Cash's bus!!

Inside the bus

In front of the R&R HOF

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Behind the R&R HOF, the GL Science Center, and the Cleveland Browns stadium

9th Ave Pier - Lake Erie

Some crazy fool on a jet ski on Lake Erie in October!

Cleveland skyline


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