Sault Ste Marie, MI - 06/30/2011

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'Holding' the ship in his hands

View from the viewing deck

Great view of passing ships

Top floor viewing

The ships are huge!

Headed towards Lake Huron

Top viewing floor


This was a mural in the lobby

Historical artifacts from early missionaries

You have to go down to get to the entrance

Doesn't do the building's height justice

She loved helping!


Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada - 06/29/2011

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There are almost 60 pictures - please be patient!

Bridge to Canada

Entrance to toll plaza

Approaching the toll plaza 

Toll booth operator

Headed onto the bridge

Welcome to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario!

Canadian Customs

Canadian Customs Agent

At the Visitor's Center

Visitor's Center

Currency Exchange

Canadian Flag

Yep, Walmart here too

Moose Nose

Captured hunter's nose

Bear's nose

CJ's Employee

Ready to eat!

Hand-made pizza!

Greasy goodness

This way to the USA!

River view

Border between USA & Canada

Approaching US Customs

Funny that it says "Closed"

Their passport cards

Back in Michigan