Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - 07/09/2011

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Right after I said all those nice things on Facebook about I-75!

Creeping towards Tennessee

Pigeon Forge traffic

Ready for training

Tuck and roll with the instructor

Chrissy suiting up

Rachael suiting up

Michael is ready for goggles

Let's fly!

Helmet - check!

Getting a little nervous!

Headed into the tunnel

The instructor flying

The bright pink blur is Chrissy

Michael is flying!

Rachael has got this!

Got a little hot in there!

So much fun!

Fun, but oh my!
The Indoor Skydiving Video - Michael's turn


Frankfort, Kentucky - 07/08/2011

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The Kentucky State Capitol

Inside, in front of the polished Abe Lincoln foot

The LED lights of the dome

Part of the collection of First Lady Dolls

Upstairs, with a look from one end to the other

Conference Room, modeled after the Hall of Mirrors in France

Ruth Hanly Booe - owner of Rebecca-Ruth Candy

Before the start of the tour

In the candy shop

Of course!

Outside on the sidewalk

Before the start of the tour

Historic Frankfort, KY


Louisville, Kentucky Day 2 - 07/07/2011

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Animal Kingdom, this year's Derby winner

The 360* theatre

They're in the race!

In the courtyard where the winners are listed, starting in 1875

A statue of Aristides - the first Derby winner

Pat Day - world famous jockey

Rachael in the stands

Chrissy in the stands

Michael, tired of taking pictures in the stands

Right on the track!

Jim kept some dirt from the track

Under Secretariat's name

Jim was willing to bet it all!

This year's jockey silks

Our awesome tour guide, Michael

Ready to run!

Some crazy hats!

Animal Kingdom, this year's Derby winner

The Oaks' Lillies

Michael trying out as an announcer - it's harder than it looks!

This would be where Rachael kicked everyone's butt

The grave of Eight Belles - filly that collapsed after crossing the finish line in the 134th Derby

Horses on loan to Churchill Downs

The entry of Churchill Downs