Oak Ridge, TN - 10/15/2011

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Waiting for their turn!

At the beginning - normal hair

A little bit of raised hair...

Big hair!

Normal hair...

Big hair...


Normal hair...

Getting bigger...


Infinite Michaels

Endless Rachaels

So many Chrissys

Learning about lift


He's floating!!


Sound waves and vibrations

Pipe organ and flip flops

Sound waves and sand

A sound proof booth to measure the decibels of your scream

Tool music

He did okay, but he's better on the drums

Those must be big boogers!

Twin Towers made from the World Trade Center steel


Ft. Boonesboro & Corbin, KY - 10/14/2011

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Entrance to Ft. Boonesboro

The whole family

Looking into a very basic cabin

Learning about weaving on a loom

Our very knowledgeable weaver, Mary

In the hotel

In the seamstress's home

Hiding from attack

The ONLY 18th century tinsmith in the U.S.

Candle making

Grinding up corn or wheat

A walk on the trail with Dad

Her vampire fangs from losing so many teeth

The original KFC - Sanders Cafe - Corbin, KY

The Historic Marker

Colonel Sanders

The duplicate of his original kitchen

In the model hotel room

I've never seen him so happy to eat chicken as he was here!

Yum Yum!

Biscuit, baby! *Contest Question* On Facebook, tell me what Rachael is eating. Easy!

Loves some chicken!

Of course!!