Canton, OH - Day 1 - 10/05/2011

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State #10 - Ohio

This is what happens when I try to sit in the floor.  Sam thinks I am his pillow.

Neat bridge on I-77

The RV looks tiny next to the big hill that the McKinley Monument is on.

Picking an old nose

The inside of a clock from a clock tower. Made in Canton, Ohio

Michael was lifted off the ground by this Hoover vacuum. 

Chrissy had her turn..

And Rachael, too

Is this a spinning teacup?

Or a lesson about bearings?

The battle against friction!

She had a SCARY laugh!

In President McKinley's home

Animated figures welcomed us in

President McKinley's top hat and cane

At the country store

Breaking through the doors

Jim slid down the fireman's pole

They had a whole train town...it filled the room!

The McKinley's crypts

President McKinley

Reading part of the last speech McKinley gave in Buffalo, NY

View down onto the lawn in front of the monument

Part of the 108 steps up to the door

A nice area for the kids to run around in the sunshine

Jim found walnuts

Jim and Sam

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