Plymouth, MA - 10/27/2012

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Plymouth Bay

Learning about navigation tools

A fisherman on the Mayflower II

Another passenger telling stories

Inside the ship

Going up top

Gallons of beer the passengers drank

The kids with a Pilgrim

The fisherman and Pilgrim

Small quarters inside the ship

Smaller boat that took them to shore

Ropes and pulleys

Plymouth Rock Marker

Entrance to where the rock is

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

Peter Brown's tankard

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Having some fun

Dinner time!

Dunkin Donuts!

The original Dunkin Donuts

Our donuts

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1 Response to Plymouth, MA - 10/27/2012

November 4, 2012 at 8:41 PM

THANKS for getting the pic of the tankard. That's the word I kept trying to remember. All my brain could come up with was lanyard and I KNEW that wasn't correct. Love the pictures that you took. Now I know I definitely have to make my own trip up there. But it's great to know that you guys got to visit the place my first known immigrant ancestor landed, celebrated the first Thanksgiving, and fathered my first known American-born ancestor, nearly 400 years ago!!

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