Houston, TX - Day 3 - 02/27/2012

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Practicing landing a shuttle - he did pretty well! 
Outside the training capsule where they live in space

That's the space potty behind him there

This is the pre-flight training for the game

This is where he was upside down

Exiting with relief 

Shuttle models

They were testing their knowledge - and surprised themselves at what they knew

That astronaut was rotating in this Sky Lab model

Another fake astronaut that freaked us out because he looked so real!

Touching a moon rock

Touching the moon rock

Part of the moon rock collection  
Moon rover

Apollo 17 Capsule

Our group simulation ride

Rachael was ready to go

Here she is upside down

Exiting with relief 

Outside the entrance

Playing frisbee and riding scooters

Jim and Sam, best buds

Out front

Space Center Houston

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