Daytona Beach, FL - 11/29/2011

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A display that tricked your eyes

A periscope that allowed you to peer into the next room

How the energy from your body is affected by different metals

A giant squid on the ceiling

An optical illusion that had the waves moving

In the doctor's office

Can't do the ultrasound? Let's just pick his nose!

Cooking up some yummy pizza!

Taking our order

He was hungry!

Eat up!

Into the oven!

Playing a harp with lights

Energy and the motorcycle

She lit up a light bulb

Do more pulleys make this easier?

Pulling herself up

Building their masterpiece

He made it all the way up!

Chrissy helped me with my building

I think she was going for a Roman style

Around the fireplace

The music-themed tree

The wintery tree

"Slow Down" so he can pick your nose!

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