Mackinaw City & Lansing, Michigan - 07/01/2011

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Entrance to the Mackinac Bridge

Looking out over Lake Huron

Driving on the bridge

Lake Huron

Colonial Michilimackinac

Statue in town

The park at Lake Huron

At Lake Huron

At Lake Huron by the Mackinac Bridge

At Lake Huron

See, Jim does like that dog!

The dome of Michigan's capitol building

Glass floor of the rotunda

Michigan's only President, Gerald Ford

An unfinished portrait of a Michigan Governor
He was disappointed about not being re-elected, so
he decided to leave the painting unfinished

View of the glass floor from above

Under the glass floor

Someone is standing on the floor!

"In God We Trust"

In front of the capitol

What is that crazy boy up to?

RV parking right by the capitol

Mini-golf with Daddy

Michael's version of mini-golf

Waiting their turn

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