Munising - Grand Marais, Michigan - 06/27/2011

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Visitor's Center.  Lake Superior is in the background

Can you imagine having Lake Superior in your backyard?

Taking in Munising Falls

At Munising Falls

Pretty Rachael

Michael & Sam at Munising Falls

Chrissy at the Falls

On the bridge to the falls

Taking a break


Looking at the river

A beautiful hike

Lots to see

Sam running down the stairs
I think he had momentum he didn't want to lose

Playing in a picnic area at Munising Falls


Michael at Miner's Castle (in the background)

This is how clear Lake Superior is

Hiking to the other part of Miner's Castle

Miner's Castle is behind us

Miner's Castle from the second viewing spot

Entry sign

This pedestrian sign puzzled us.
Who is crossing the road from the water?
We decided it must be Jesus.

Another Visitor's Center at another waterfall

He is such a nut!


Bayshore Park at Lake Superior in Grand Marais

They are trying to act like it isn't cold

Really, it's fine! 

This is what he really thinks of it!

Relieved to be out of the water!

They loved the playground

Being silly

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